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Nite Ize Knot Bone - Knot Replacement

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The KnotBone  saves time and effort by eliminating the need to tie a knot - perfect for setting up AND taking down your bugnets and flys really quick.

The KnotBone does it with a simple wrap-and-lock principle that keeps the connection fixed. So you can easily loop and lock onto an object (like a tree) or even connect another cord to extend a line.

No more tying and retying and, because it's as easy to undo as it is to secure, no more wasted time struggling to untie knots that have pulled tight. This is the perfect accompaniment to a no knot hammock experience - use it on the Bug net or for the tree anchors on your tarp for quick setup and even quicker take downs.

The KnotBone comes in a pack of 8 - perfect for those with a Onelink system. WARNING: Do not use the Knotbone for situations where bodily harm can arise. It is not to be used for climbing or to support a body weight.

Product Details

  • Fits cord sizes 2mm - 3.5mm
  • Load Limit: 10kg (25 lbs)

Four ways to start using the KnotBone Knot Replacement: Anchor Loop, Rope Connector, Single Rope Loop, Fixed Loop
Many more uses - limited only by your imagination!